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SNI 19-7117.12 Flexible (Add-On) Set [ZS-SNI-12F]

Manufacturer: Aer Sampling

To enable sampling using the Aer Sampling "Flexible Configuration" sampling train. Fulfills requirements of Indonesian National Standard SNI 19-7117.12. The "Flexible Configuration" reduces the size and weight of the portion of the sampling train that needs to be supported. Please purchase the SNI 19-7117.12 Standard Set (ZS-SNI-12) to use this add-on set. -- Information presented here is subjected to Aer Sampling Group's terms and conditions. Doc ID: AERHQWW-zs-sni-12f-en Last revised (Excluding prices): 03/29/16
No. of Unit

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Catalog ID Catalog/Product Name Price Included Qty Your Desired Qty
UF-SF Strain relief, MKOR Heater Box Outlet $56.00 1
UO-S Strain relief, impinger inlet $86.00 1
UF-ULF Unheated Sampling Line (Flexible) $364.00 1
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