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On-site Training [X1-ON]

Manufacturer: Aer Sampling

Hire an Aer Sampling engineer to train/assist your sampling team at your location today.
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If you prefer an on-site training (instead of our training videos or technical support options), you can now hire our Engineering Specialists at a fixed rate chargeable per day.

The schedule is as follows:
  • Start at 9am
  • One hour lunch break between 12-2pm
  • Finish at 5pm
Usually, the Engineering Specialists would be prepared for these types of training:
  • Internal: Theory, show and tell, leak checks, trial run/sample, calibration, calculations, Q&A (things that can be done indoors).
  • On-site: Sampling at a chosen stack/chimney chosen by you. 
What can reasonably be done in one day:
  • Internal: Theory + Show and Tell + Calculations + Q&A or
  • Internal: Trial run/sample + Calculations + Q&A or
  • On-site: Sampling at a chosen stack/chimney chosen by you (Pre-sampling data collection only) or
  • On-site: Sampling at a chosen stack/chimney chosen by you (Actual sampling)
Training is restricted to specific methods and what is in it only. Aer Sampling is not responsible for local interpretation of the methods and how it is enforced. 

To ensure you get the most value out of this training, it is best to make sure the person/team attending the training is familiar with the relevant sampling methods (USEPA, EN etc.) and basic college level math and science. 

Additional ordering/shipping procedures:
No shipping charges. Bank fees still applicable. Please contact our Customer Service and Sales Representatives for a proforma invoice (comes with payment details).

Fees exclude lodging and business class return plane tickets to and from your local airport. Our Engineering Specialist would usually fly out from the closest Regional Head Office. Lodging chargeable starting from one night before the first day of the on-site training, and the night of the last day of the on-site training.

Information presented here is subjected to Aer Sampling Group's terms and conditions. 
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Last revised: 10/14/15

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