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JENL 301 Orsat Set [US-XJ301]

Manufacturer: Aer Sampling

Aer Sampling's JENL 301 measures Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide concentration (% levels) directly. -- Information presented here is subjected to Aer Sampling Group's terms and conditions. Doc ID: AERHQWW-us-xj301-en Last revised (Excluding prices): 05/11/16
No. of Unit

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Catalog ID Catalog/Product Name Price Included Qty Your Desired Qty
UA-B JENL 301 Burette $408.00 1
UA-PB JENL 301 Pipette Bottle $64.00 3
UA-P JENL 301 Pipette Insert $206.00 3
UA-T Tubing, Orsat $5.00 1
UA-XTB Tedlar Bag 3 Compartments $25.00 1
UB-J301 Manual, JENL 301 $0.00 1
UA-C-J301 JENL 301 Carrying Case $324.00 1
UA-A-J301 JENL 301 Aspirator Bottle $45.00 1
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Additional Technical Support
Additional Technical Support
Tedlar Bag 3 Compartments
Tedlar Bag 3 Compartments