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ISO 9096 Flexible (Add-On) Set [ZS-9096F]

Manufacturer: Aer Sampling

To enable sampling using the Aer Sampling "Flexible Configuration" sampling train. Fulfills requirements of ISO 9096. The "Flexible Configuration" reduces the size and weight of the portion of the sampling train that needs to be supported. Please purchase the ISO 9096 Standard Set (ZS-9096) to use this add-on set. -- Information presented here is subjected to Aer Sampling Group's terms and conditions. Doc ID: AERHQWW-zs-9096f-en Last revised (Excluding prices): 03/29/16
No. of Unit

To order specific parts instead of the full set, please fill up the quantity below and proceed to "add to cart".
Catalog ID Catalog/Product Name Price Included Qty Your Desired Qty
UF-SF Strain relief, MKOR Heater Box Outlet $56.00 1
UO-S Strain relief, impinger inlet $86.00 1
UF-ULF Unheated Sampling Line (Flexible) $364.00 1
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